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Tom Hanks Day: April 13th, 2013
The Tom Hanks Day Story
From the humble beginnings of a couch, International Tom Hanks Day has grown to just that...International! Every year 100% of the proceeds from the event go directly to Lifeline Energy ( Please take some time to learn more about what they do. They have great people working for a great cause and everyone should understand the amount of work they put in to help families in need.

Since its inception, we have been featured in many different publications and media outlets. Everything from CNN, Time, The Chicago Sun Times, TMZ, as well as talked about on WBEZ and B96. Along with that, Tom himself has recognized us on Jimmy Kimmel Live and via his twitter account. So with the constant support of one of the nicest men in Hollywood, we really want to share that joy with more people.
Tom Hanks Day 11 (2014) Press Release
Members of the press: Use this handy press release to learn more about what Tom Hanks Day is all about.
Tom Hanks Day Kickstarter Was A Success!
Thanks to almost 200 different backers, you helped us reach our goal of $9,000. Then, you went one step further and added more than $1,000 more for a total pledge of $10,120. With these pledges, we're currently working on the newest adaptation of the Tom Hanks Day website. This new website will help any of you out there that would like to host your own party get it set up.

But, most importantly, this new approach will help us expand the donations we can give to Lifeline Energy, Tom's favorite charity. Because, in the end, that's what Tom Hanks Day is really all about.
Tom Has A Message For All Of Us
The Letter That Changed It All
The Tweet Heard 'Round The World
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Donate to Lifeline Energy!
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